Old School in Huelsen

According to the Huelsen school register, a committee decided in 1906 to fix the teacher's basic salary at 1100 German Marks from April 1, 1906. This was agreed although the county had high debts. In 1924 the construction of an official residence for the teacher was planned in order to provide continuity. On March 1, 1927 the teacher moved in and paid a monthly rent of 250 Reichsmark. The county was left with liabilities of 4000 Reichsmark, which was financed by means of a bank loan. Regarding this topic it is interesting to have a closer look at the contributions of the inhabitants: The house was built next to the school on the property of the family Ipe. It had a size of 25 are. Mr Ipe handed over the land voluntarily and received 2/3 of the 25 are back from Mr Poettker. The owners and heirs provided the building materials listed as follows: Temmen 12,000 stones, Poettker 8,000 stones, Pelle 7,000 stones, Ipe 3,000 stones, Wiegmann 2,000 stones, Wilken 1,500 stones, Gels 1,000 stones, Robben 1,000 stones and Bruemmer 500 stones. The four owners of Westerlohmuehlen had to provide 14,000 stones. The remaining building materials were provided by the not mentioned "Spannbesitzer" (owners of a cart with draft animal). All households were responsible for the construction of the building.
Today Huelsen does not have its own school. Children spend their first two school years in Westerloh and year three and four in Flechum. From year five on they attend schools in Haseluenne.
Initially, shooting was performed in Huelsen just for a short time. In 1925 the annual shooting match was celebrated together with Westerloh. However, this harmony ended in 1927. From that year on Huelsen celebrates its famous summer festival on its own. The shooting match has been held together with Westerloh again since 1990.
Furthermore, Huelsen has huge sports grounds and plays football in the category "Emsland Mitte" under the name "Spielvereinigung Huelsen/Westerloh".






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